Precision Biomarker Resources: Immediate Processing of Newly Released Affymetrix microRNA Assay

AACR Annual Meeting

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Precision Biomarker Resources, a contract research organization based in Evanston, Illinois, is the first Service Provider to offer microRNA Profiling using the new GeneChip® miRNA Arrays recently released by Affymetrix, Inc. Precision Biomarker provides RNA and microRNA (miRNA) profiling and data analysis services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic researchers who use microarray methods for discovering biomarkers in their research. Because miRNAs are emerging as a major component in the regulation of gene expression, knowledge of their role in biological processes is becoming a focus of biomarker discovery

Precision Biomarker has already processed miRNA arrays for a number of its research clients, using the new FlashTag® Biotin RNA Labeling kit created by Genisphere Inc. for the new GeneChip miRNA Array. The combined solution offers comprehensive miRNA coverage for 71 organisms on a single array and covers all the critical species models for scientists working in oncology, stem cell research, toxicology, neuroscience, infectious disease and other timely research areas.

"The new solution from Affymetrix and Genisphere is helping the research scientists we work with by providing one more piece of the puzzle. By providing both microRNA expression and traditional mRNA expression profiles from the same sample, we are able to offer a more complete look at cellular function which helps our clients understand the biology of their systems," said David Paul, Ph.D., President of Precision Biomarker Resources. "MicroRNA arrays are an important new tool that helps provide critical insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying disease and drug response," Dr. Paul added.

miRNA data can be integrated with data from gene expression and genotyping studies to generate more robust comparisons, information that can be used for more precise drug targeting or a clearer understanding of the causes of a disease, according to Eric G. Bremer, Ph.D., Precision Biomarker’s Chief Scientific Officer. "Precision is already poised to help researchers use this important new research tool to its best advantage," Dr. Bremer said. The miRNA assay requires as little as 100 ng of total RNA and discriminates a one-nucleotide difference among miRNAs.

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