SNP genotyping

Confidently investigate genetic associations, structural changes, copy number variations or loss of heterozygosity (LOH). From tens of samples to tens of thousands, our versatile SNP services deliver top-quality data to meet your most demanding deadlines.

Precision Biomarker Resources combines meticulous quality control with high-throughput capabilities to give you a reliable balance of quality and quantity. And our powerful bioinformatics tools give you predictive modeling for diagnostic and prognostic classification or stratification.

Sample care

Put your sample in the hands of scientists who understand what irreplaceable means.

  • DNA quality and purity is verified on arrival
  • Each sample is logged onto our LIMS and tracked right through the process
  • Positive and negative controls are used to identify contaminating DNA

Data quality

Leverage a variety of analysis tools and decades of excellence in genomics research.

  • Get high-density human genome coverage of SNPs and copy number probes
  • Work with staff that consistently exceeded manufacturer call rates
  • Receive full documentation of sample and data quality controls

Drawing conclusions

Quickly pinpoint genetic variation from vast expanses of data.

  • Analyze haplotype, linkage, allele frequency, and ethnic diversity
  • Confidently identify chromosomal regions of amplification, deletion or LOH
  • Correlate regions of copy number alterations and LOH with gene expression