Realize the full potential of qPCR and reverse transcriptase qPCR (RT-qPCR). With the right samples and controls, we can help you validate gene expression experiments, determine copy numbers, discriminate between alleles and identify SNP biomarkers.

Nominate the probes and primers you want to use or have us customize and validate them for you. When you ask us to design your study, we take care to select the best control genes and include sufficient replicates for meaningful statistical analysis.

Relevant control genes

Design an experiment that will deliver reliable results.

  • Ensure there is no homology-induced non-specific binding
  • Have reference genes chosen to suit your experimental conditions

Control technical variables

Leverage our time-tested expertise to produce uniform and reproducible results like the ones below.

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Determine copy numbers

With its fluorescent detection, qPCR can accurately measure nucleic acid copies. We start by producing a standard curve, like the one below, from assays of known copy numbers of a target gene in serial dilution. This can be used to establish copy numbers of experimental samples.

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