Next-gen sequencing

Develop a broad picture of genome biology. Next-gen sequencing (NGS) can simultaneously measure gene and isoform abundance, single nucleotide variations (SNVs) and structural variation, making it a powerful tool for quantitative studies.

Ask us about the most economical strategy for obtaining the dynamic range and sequence depth you need. We can help select the platform that best serves your needs, create your library, and provide diligent quality control to ensure accurate alignment and measurement.

Making NGS work for you

Let us help you choose the best platform and techniques for your study.

  • Throughput from hundreds of thousands to millions of reads
  • Read lengths from 30bp to 500bp
  • Appropriate sequence depth chosen for your project (e.g., to distinguish SNVs, if needed)

Creating your sequence library

Giving you relevant results through strategic library preparation.

  • Library normalized to meet your sensitivity and dynamic range requirements
  • cDNA sequence data checked to reflect original RNA abundance and strand orientation

Quality control and mapping

Establish a reliable picture of genome biology through meticulous quality control.

  • Low-quality NGS reads filtered out according to FASTQ criteria
  • Imperfect reads mapped with the benefit of decades of genomics experience
  • Alignment strategies developed to reveal structural variation and measure abundance