Starting with as little as 100 ng of sample, you can understand microRNA’s (miRNA) role in regulating gene expression. Investigating short RNAs demands diligent and accurate use of highly sensitive tools. Drawing on decades of genomic experience, we bring unrivalled quality control to RNA isolation, labeling and hybridization.

Normalization techniques are chosen to suit your study’s samples and research goals. Meanwhile, our powerful statistical analyses will penetrate to the heart of miRNA, revealing the mechanisms of action that drive its influence on target genes.

Sample submission

Don’t be daunted by sample size or quality issues.

  • Ask us how best to isolate quality RNA
  • Or have us isolate RNA from tissues and cells for you
  • Ask us what you can achieve with small samples

Quality control

Build your conclusions on the foundation of quality data.

  • Control samples are included to help develop normalization strategies
  • Experimental biases are identified and corrected
  • Every quality-control step is documented, from sample assessment through normalization