We take our customers' projects personally, which makes us proud of their successes and commendations. Here’s what some have had to say about collaborating with Precision Biomarker Resources.

National Public Health Institute (Finland), Dept. of Molecular Medicine

"They were very professional during all of our interactions. Beginning from sample isolation through to data analysis, everything was completed in a timely manner, to our expectations. Their in-house platform expertise was a big help. We happily recommend them." – Martin Bonke, Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

"Their keen eye for detail and valuable suggestions helped set the project on track. Data was always sent to me on time and the regular updates made our interactions enriching. I am happy to recommend Precision Biomarker Resources to any investigator requiring high throughput microarray services." – Anju Vasudevan, Ph.D.

SanBio Inc.

"The scientific background of their staff shows in their careful handling and evaluation of samples, experiments, and data—with care and quality at every step. Their consultation in experimental design also provided useful insight in attaining our objectives. All in all, great service and I am extremely pleased." – Casey C. Case, Ph.D.