Founded by genomics pioneers

Precision Biomarker Resources was founded by pioneering genomics scientists from the Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Program in Children’s Memorial Research Center (CMRC), Chicago. It was there that our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Eric G. Bremer, was among the first to use gene expression analysis for molecular profiling of cancer.

He and his team established a core genomics facility at CMRC and developed novel bioinformatics packages to interpret and explore microarray data. Noticing that many researchers struggled to harness microarray technologies, Bremer and colleagues formed Precision Biomarker Resources.

A strategic perspective

As genomics has grown to encompass many new technologies and platforms, we have too. We now offer a full range of analysis techniques and strategic support to help you get the most out of them.

Research is affected by so much more than the quality of an assay or test performed. Study design and sample prep have serious implications for the validity and applicability of results. The way you handle vast quantities of genomic data is also critical.

End-to-end services

Drawing from our decades of experience, we began providing advice on every aspect of an experiment. Customers were quick to accept help with bioinformatics and data exploration. Pleased with the results, they now come to us even earlier to leverage our capabilities in experiment design and sample prep.

Through this early engagement, we’ve made recommendations that have saved researchers significant time and cost. We are happy to offer this full spectrum of resources as an end-to-end solution for your project. Or if you prefer, you can choose specific services to help complement the strengths within your research team.